Thursday, September 3, 2009

ive always turned to writing as a way to figure out wtf is going on in my head. i think i missed the part of life where you learn to actually feel like a human sometimes and do things for yourself. after having a horrible two year stint in denton and coming back to this amazing town, you can imagine there is a lot of wtf going on. cody and i have always worked to make our relationship better and we agreed that just moving to austin wasn't going to magically make everything better. wrong! moving to austin made everything better. its like we came out of hibernation. i couldnt stop smiling! so yah life is different and im getting used to having friends, meeting new people and trying to be more comfortable with my own mannerisms / face.

i guess this month i want to try and transfer my writing 'skills' to real life conversation. id like to be able to be more articulate and quick. maybe i need to read a dictionary. my problem used to be editing my writing... i would just write too much for real people to read. so ive gotten better at getting down to the point.

anyway, i went on an interview today and it was great! thats all im going to say for now. also, is it healthy to listen to 'like a boss' all the time?

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  1. Welcome back! Thanks again for coming to the game. I hope your interview went well and I look forward to your posts.