Wednesday, September 9, 2009

sucking ballz at 30dow but sort of ruling at life.

i have a word document about 20 pages long documenting all the jobs ive applied to in the past 5 months since i was laid off and ive only been on 4 real interviews. needless to say, i was afraid of slipping back to my old denton ways of feeling sorry for myself and crying when i woke up in the morning. its been especially daunting since bills are now starting to come in and being in austin costs a lot more than being in denton.

i went on an interview last week with a company called hill country springs, a local bottled water company. they are laid back/awesome and i was crossing my fingers for this one. the first interview went great and they called me back for a second a few hours later. fast forward to today... i show up and talk to a different guy for a little bit. we went over what we talked about in my first interview and i was able to sneak in some awesome adjectives that i didnt get to use the first time. they said they liked me and would call me on friday to let me know the verdict. my phone rang a couple hours later and they offered me the job!!!! so thats great for me. like huge. especially since my unemployment is running out soon. literally, it has legs.

my plan today was to join facebook. i came up with a secret name (harry potter influenced of course) i would register under and i was pumped. so i typed in my email and realized i had already made an account (which was deactivated) under that email. so i re-activated it, looked around a bit and about 5 minutes later it was deactivated again. hmmph. now that i have a job, i plan on buying that sweet t-mobile g1 phone. then maybe i can get into social networking.

speaking of social networking: fail. i got in touch with about everyone i needed to once we moved back. contrary to popular belief, they have continued living their lives while ive been gone. who knew? i felt extremely awkward in each social setting i forced myself into. i was angry at the people i was with for not engaging me more / fixing me. i figured out what the problem is though and unfortunately i cant really do anything about it. i have nothing to talk about since i did nothing in denton for about 2 years. i mean, i had my photobooth thing which apparently nobody even knew i was doing. (fail) so that doesnt really motivate me to be all social networky because even if i spam my fucking "art" online for people (aka my friends) to see, it goes unnoticed.

in other news, ive been working hard on my cd mix. its not due til october which really isnt that far away now that i think about it. im gonna work on some artwork for it and then i need to figure out how to get the music onto my computer. thats where sinclair comes in. :)


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