Sunday, August 23, 2009

accio blog

ive been reading lots of harry potter. i like to refer to it as hairy pooter because i find joy in being crude. its also fun trying to find ways to use "accio!" in normal conversation. like "accio bra!" or "accio hey guess what i just moved to austin!"

i used to say that wine makes me a better me but 7 years later (wtf @time) i think that austin makes me a better me. i didnt tell anyone that we were moving back really. i just kind of felt weird calling people who i havent talked to in like a year and be like "hey i am going to be a part of your life now." plus i am not a telephone person so i am kind of setting myself up for some sort of dramatic surprise meeting.

snoop dogg is on who wants to be a millionaire so i need to stop blogging stat.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome! I think "Accio Haley!" is appropriate at this time, don't you?