Thursday, January 15, 2009

every damn day

an authorized PartyLite consultant, this sassy lady gave up a job as a stenographer for an independent sales career. while she could play gin rummy "every night of the week" she also enjoys the theatre. Her latest project is a full-marionette production of RENT, which she hopes will be ready to perform by autumn of 2009. she collects 'Designing Women' paraphernalia, loves parades and shopping at Sears. she often livens up parties by demonstrating the juggling skills that led her to two county championships!


  1. that's amazing. sara does love her sparkly sweaters.

  2. I fell down laughing. I do love gem sweaters, it's true. Well done! I was too intimidated to write for this topic. This blog is great. Very fun, creative and whimsical.