Wednesday, January 14, 2009

babies walk like zombies

i just saw something hobbling toward me out of the corner of my eye and i got startled for a second until i realized it's only my 1 year-old child coming to not eat my brain. watch a toddler when they're learning to walk and you will see what i am talking about.

the zombie 'invasion' is not so much different from pre-zombie life in America. i always imagined needing a shotgun, a Jack Bauer and an invisibility cloak. (none of which i own.) in fact, i'm very confortable with the whole zombie thing. this is because my boyfriend is a zombie. i think our relationship has some serious potential though. by 'potential," i mean wearing my custom zombie-proof attire while he struggles to claw at my flesh. last week he barely tried to gouge out my eyes when i brought him lunch. between the "grrrgles" and the "aarrrrrgaaaaaaggggs" i sometimes hear his human voice.

there is new literature floating about which details the co-existence of zombies and humans. there are rumors of a technology that can somehow change the DNA in those who are infected to kind of remove humans from the menu, which would be great for us. its all still very taboo but i embrace the ideals completely. I just hope it happens soon because he seems to grow stronger every day and I can't keep him locked up like this much longer...

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  1. hahahaa that's awesome. i am so glad you decided to start bloggin'! braaaaaaaaainnnnns!